A Selection of Recent Work

“Sometimes I come into my studio full of life, with a clear mind, ready to engage with my work in a technical way that brings meaning and purpose to the final piece.

The rest of the time I come into my studio… well, I’m usually there let go of soul crushing thoughts, anger, sadness, frustration, feelings of not-enoughness and then some.”


messy firsts_by noumoff.jpg

“Messy Firsts”, 12in x 12in

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“Wild”, 8in x 8in

“Her heart was wild but I didn’t want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.”
– Atticus

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find_by noumoff.jpg

“Find”, 19in x 19in

“Only those who seek shall find.” – Robin S. Sharma

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abstract_Fog of War


“Fog of War”, 18in x 24in

“Sometimes healing a wound can be a battle of the mind. A battle in which you will find yourself lost in the fog of war more often than not, confused, lost and terrified. But the smoke always clears… always…”

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surrounded_by noumoff

“Surrounded”, 18in x 18in

“We’re surrounded by people… Friends… Family… Strangers… Lovers… Haters… And yet, so alone. In a world full of people, sometimes, I am completely alone.”

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chrysalis_by noumoff.jpg

“Chrysalis”, 8in x 8in

“The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you are.” – Joseph Campbell

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i am_by noumoff.jpg

“I AM”, 18in x 24in

I am becoming who I am meant to be. I am manifesting the life I want into being. I am me.

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abstract_maisie was here (1).jpg

Maisie Was Here“, 20in x 30in

A girl is no one…

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abstract_Sticks and Stones.jpg

Sticks and Stones“, 10in x 10in

Surely you will not break my bones, for words are more like poison than stone.

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abstract_into night.jpg

Into Night“, 16in x 20in

The journey is always one taken within… in light and in darkness, one must coexist.

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Emergence“, 22in x 28in

Just when I started to feel like I was drowning, I could see the surface emerge from the darkness… I was going to rise…

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Destinations“, 12in x 12in

I often find that the destination isn’t quite clear until you get there.

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abstract_body, heal thyself

Body, Heal Thyself“, 24in x 30in

Even after all the shit I’ve put you through…

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abstract_fixing it

Healed by Fire“, 12in x 16in

Light the fires within. Be healed by your own flame.

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abstract_the ice is getting thinner.jpg

The Ice is Getting Thinner“, 8in x 8in

The masses avoid the truth while the ice is getting thinner… disaster approaches… the ice is getting thinner.

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bouquet_by noumoff.jpg

Bouquet“, 11in x 14in

Even through tears of joy I knew, she was perfect in that white dress.

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figs_by noumoff.jpg

Figs“, 24in x 30in

Rich and juicy figs!

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