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AbraxxusTV – Streaming Graphics and Logo

streaming_logo.pngabraxxustv general banner.jpgabraxxus is offline

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Tier 1 Subscription Icon:        default_72px  Default Channel Sub

Tier 2 Subscription Icon:        3mos_72px  Three (3) Month Channel Sub

Tier 3 Subscription Icon:        6mos_72px  Six (6) Month Channel Sub

Tier 4 Subscription Icon:        1yr_72px  One (1) Year Channel Sub

** Stay tuned for the release of ALL Abraxxus TV Channel Subscription Icons **

2019 Goal Setting and Planning Worksheet!

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welcome to 2019_goal and planning worksheet_by leah suzette creative studio

Social Media Graphics – Work Bigger

Kit-T-Kat Dreams – Logo, Marketing Material, Website and Business Card

Kit-T-Kat Dreams is a non-profit kitten and cat fostering/adoption and rescue service focused on tender love and care for kittens and cats while they find their fur-ever homes.


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Marketing Slick_KTKD
New Cat Owner Checklist_KTKD
Branding Guide_KTKD

Greeting Cards! (Print & Use)

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Ciao_Greeting Card
Hi Cacti_Greeting Card
Namaste_Greeting Card

Succulent Checklist (Print & Use)

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Blank Checklist

Fargo’s Dog Co. – Logo & Business Card Design

Fargo’s Dog Co. is a dog-centric coffee shop specializing in Doggiatos™ and coffee, while providing inclusive and enjoyable experiences for dogs and their parents.

Fragos Dog Co Logo.png

Fargos Dog Co Business Card_Front.png
(reverse side not shown here)

Dogs on the Run – Logo

Dogs on the Run is a non-profit dog running business focused on promoting wellness in dogs and humans, whose proceeds go towards helping less fortunate puppies and dogs.


Music Festival Poster – Bunbury Music Festival, 2018 (personal project)

Bunbury Music Festival is a 3-day, summer music festival that takes place along the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati throughout Yeatman’s Cove and Sawyer Pointe, featuring top alternative music artists from around the globe.

Bunbury Music Festival Poster <<CLICK TO VIEW PDF

Rooftop Wine Pairing – Mock Invitation, 2018

Please note that this is not a real event. This design was created as a mock up, and example of my work, for Jungle Jim’s Oscar Event Center.

Jungle Jims Mock Wine Invite.jpg

Ruffles and Rosé – Event Invitation, 2018

Please note that this is not a real event. This design was created in an effort to expand my portfolio, and try something new :]

Themed Party Invitation.jpg

App Icon Design – Instagram

Instagram Icon_sketch

Book Cover Design – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks book cover

Travel Poster Design – Greece

Travel Poster - Greece.png