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Naturally, when my partner Greg decided to start a video game streaming channel, I was 100% supportive. From the beginning he knew he wanted my help building out his brand and creating his digital assets, so we started with a logo. Understanding that running a stream is all about the streamer, I took this opportunity to craft a logo that was quite literally, Greg. I chose a color that not only complimented his personality, but also his background in technology – a screen glowing teal – and I chose a font that looked and felt like “tech”. From there I built out his brand focusing on his well-loved beard as a theme. And because “memes” are as crucial to his persona as his games, we collaborated on the creation of emotes that can be used in chat by his many followers. From the background his stream showcases when he’s offline, to various aspects of his social channels, I’ve helped AbraxxusTV go from just-a-guy-streaming to a well liked stream with over 600 followers.







Logo, Digital Assets, Branding, Website

For as long as I can remember, my mother Jana has actively worked to transform her love for felines into a part-time, non-profit, fostering and adoption service from the comfort of her own home. When things finally started to pick up in 2018, she turned to me to help craft her brand, and build out a variety of print and digital assets that support her business. I took it a step further. Starting with the logo for Kit-T-Kat Dreams, I utilized her favorite color – purple – from there, I defined complementary brand colors, marketing slicks, new pet owner literature, and a WordPress website where anyone looking to adopt can find all of the necessary information and forms to do so. Today, she continues to foster litter after litter, finding cats and kittens their fur-ever homes with a little bit of marketing, and love.



Kit-T-Kat Dreams is a non-profit kitten and cat fostering/adoption and rescue service focused on tender love and care for kittens and cats while they find their fur-ever homes.

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Marketing Slick_KTKD
New Cat Owner Checklist_KTKD
Branding Guide_KTKD


SVN | Corporate Real Estate Advisors



Promotional Graphic

Lead Image_500x400px_SVNRICORE_300dpi

Footer Ad_500x200px_SVNRICORE_300dpi

Digital Assets Used in Email Marketing

Canam and SVN Office Map

Scope of Work Graphic

module one

module two

module three

Property Auction Email Campaign Modules


Construction Worker_GCP

“Larry the Construction Man” Illustrator Graphic for GC Division


PDFs – Case Studies, Marketing Slicks


Purelux Nail Salon Case Study
801 Linn Street Case Study
Empire Bakery and Commissary Case Study
SVNR Accounting Services Marketing Slick
Ten Reasons Why SVNR Marketing Slick




From the Owner of Triple Ten Properties, LLC: “Shout out to Leah Suzette Noumoff for our business logo!! She took an idea scribbled on notepad and somehow turned it into exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so much! If you need a logo, reach out to her – shes awesome!!”

portfolio_process evolved.png

portfolio_dogs on the run.png

Process Evolved and Dogs on the Run are owned and operated by the same individual, who has said of me and my work, “[…] let me just sing Leah’s praises a bit more. She is AHHHHHHHHH-MAZING at taking rambling (analytical) ideas and concepts and turning them into beauty – beautiful visuals I share with the world. Leah created the amazing Dogs on the Run logo you saw in my introduction and recently, she’s helped me turn an abstract idea into a logo I’ll be using as part of my 100 Day Plan. If, like me, you have an idea but can’t get it out visually – Leah can turn the gobbaly-goop into a work of art.




My Very First Logo circa 2010:

Nu Promo Logo.png







dec c and c for meetup.png

dec 3 c&c.png

spring sale 032519.png

studio jams spotify graphic.png




Event Marketing


Book Cover Design – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks book cover

Travel Poster Design – Greece

Travel Poster - Greece.png

Greeting Cards! (Print & Use)

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Ciao_Greeting Card
Hi Cacti_Greeting Card
Namaste_Greeting Card

Succulent Checklist (Print & Use)

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Blank Checklist

Music Festival Poster – Bunbury Music Festival, 2018 (unofficial)

Bunbury Music Festival is a 3-day, summer music festival that takes place along the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati throughout Yeatman’s Cove and Sawyer Pointe, featuring top alternative music artists from around the globe.

Bunbury Music Festival Poster <