I’m fascinated with internal conflict and trauma, and it started with myself. How could I hold such darkness and still be capable of so much light? How could I be hurting and healing at the same time? I’ve always been fascinated with duality. Two sides of the same coin. Opposites completing a whole. Good and evil. Organized chaos. Wanting two opposing ends. Finding your Truth. And what were once just existential ramblings mused in a diary are now the basis for the work I create. My work has become a reflection and an exploration of that dichotomy, of finding balance and of self-expression.
I use any material I find at my disposal. But mostly paint. Acrylic and latex, sometimes spray paint, oil every now and then. My work ranges from collage and mixed media, to drawing and painting, to dimensional/sculptural pieces.
My work is very much about the process, like the flux and flow of life. I utilize layering, masking and collage which gives my work a crafty feel – a visible hand. Sometimes both a painting and a sculpture, glamorous and ugly, delicate and powerful, refined and messy, my work slowly becomes a physical representation of the duality that I find so captivating.



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