I’m fascinated with duality – two aspects in one – and it started with myself, a mixed woman. It should come as no surprise that as I child I thought nothing of this, until one instance while out in the city with my great-grams waiting for the Metro, a Black woman asked with spite in her voice, “What you doin’ with that little White girl?” I was 5. (Needless to say a heated argument ensued between the two of them).

My great-grams was dark complected (rest her soul), and I look… well… White. To most people anyway. Growing up I often encountered the question from all shades of folk, “What are you?” Meaning… “What is my ethnicity?” Because something about me must inherently scream, “I am not White.”

But why did it matter? Could I not be two things? My ideas around this notion exploded from there.
Black and white. Light and dark. Good and bad. Masculine and feminine. Organized chaos… and of course, all of the gray matter in between. And, by extension, identity and the many, many sides of it.
What were once just existential ramblings mused in my diary are now the basis for the work I create. My work has become a reflection and an exploration of duality – of single instances where multiple and/or opposing ideals exist at once, together, creating a whole.
I use any material I find at my disposal. But mostly paint. Acrylic and latex, sometimes spray paint, oil every now and then. My work ranges from collage and mixed media, to drawing and painting, and dimensional/sculptural pieces.
My work is very much about the process. I utilize layering, masking and collage which gives my work a crafty feel – a visible hand. Sometimes both a painting and a sculpture, glamorous and ugly, delicate and powerful, refined and messy, my work slowly becomes a physical representation of the duality that I find so captivating.



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