Bright Idea… Write Your Story.






Tell it all. And tell it true. And then keep telling it. Tell it again and again. To yourself. To your friends. Your family. Strangers. On a blog. In a work of art. In a book. To your hair dresser. To your cat. Your dog. Just tell it. Let it sink in. Absorb it. Shit you wish you didn’t happen? No regrets. Oh well. It’s in the past. It’s part of the story. Learn from it. Move on. “Things change, friends leave, and life doesn’t stop for anybody.” You gotta keep going. So accept your story. Let it hurt if it hurts. Let it heal. Let it go. And then once you’ve accepted your story, now that you have truly harnessed all that is you, keep writing your story. Recognize that every single day you wake is another page. Another chance to go somewhere new. To do something different. Another shot at being better than you were yesterday. Another take, the next scene. The coming act. And not only do you get to write it… you get to produce it. Direct it. Edit it. Fucking star in it. You get to do all of the good stuff and the shitty stuff because you are the only one who truly can and truly should. You must. If you don’t, plenty of others will try to step in and do it for you. And that really sucks. Because that means you are never in control. But the truth is that you are and that you should be. So what are you going to do? Who are you going to be? Are you going to switch careers? Get healthier? Go green? Start a business? Stop drinking? Start volunteering? Finally be the fucking change you want to see in the world? That you want to see in yourself? What happens next? What happens tonight? Tomorrow? The next day? Next week? Next month? Next year? Where will you be three years from now? Five? Where do you want to be? Decide. Decide now. Decide as you go. As you learn. As you grow. Whatever. But decide. And then go after it with the ferocity of a pack of lionesses on the dinner hunt. Day by day. Just go. I know it’s hard, but go. Write. Fast. Or slow – you choose the cadence, the rhythm, the flow. You chose what’s next.




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