How I Managed to Establish My Own At-Home Studio Space

So this whole studio… has been a very long time coming.

I’ve wanted my own art studio since high school. At least.

The AP Studio room was everything… racks for wet work, storage for finished work, paints and brushes and papers and canvas stocked full in every cabinet. Natural light and huge working surfaces. Paper cutters, mat board, framing. It was a total dream.

The first couple years of college I worked out of a shared dorm space that was probably a whopping 12 by 15 feet, with two twin beds, two wardrobes and a high-top working space along the back wall. At least there were windows! The sophomore dorm I stayed in had no windows in the rooms. You can only imagine the depression.

When I transferred to the Art Academy, I got my first real studio space since high school. I shared it with three other people, and naturally, some drama ensued over the years, but it was studio space. And it was much bigger than the dorm rooms.

After I graduated, I stopped making work for a couple of years. I abandoned myself. It was a complete and utter disaster. A nightmare, in hindsight.

So, back in 2016 when Greg and I moved into our first place – I decided it was finally time to find myself again… get back to the real me… get back to the studio.

Luckily, we have two bedrooms. One is ours and the other got turned into my new studio space. And let me tell you, as much as I wanted it to, it didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, just a few months ago I finally had a moment while I was working in there, and I stopped… and realized… “Wow, this space is complete.” It was the summer of 2018.

Naturally, it took time to get containers and organize. I didn’t have funds for desk or a chair for at least a year, and I worked from the floor. As a matter of fact, I still sometimes work from the floor – plopping down on a little pillow to cut magazines, or prepare a substrate.

Little by little though, everything came together. My mom had a spare folding table that is now my desk. I found a $12 chair at IKEA and managed to get it put together all on my own (total feat, don’t laugh! Or do). I even got a huge piece of dry erase board for around $9 from Home Depot – who knew?

I started hanging up inspiring art work from other artists, pictures, a calendar. It took me around five months to get a lamp – up until that point I only worked during the day time because, well, it’s hard to see what kind of mess you’re making in the dark.

And slowly but surely I collected pots and baskets from thrift stores and dollar stores to house my materials. I have canvases prepped and ready and stacked in the closet. Decorations that actually spark joy. A book shelf!

I made it. It took a while, but I made it.

From Gran-Gran’s big velvet chair and a folding TV dinner table to my own god damn studio space.

There’s no going back now my friends…

I’m here to stay.

Goal crushingly yours,



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