What a Year

It seems like a lot of people are asking themselves “What the fuck was that?” in regards to 2018. I get it; I felt like that at the end of 2017.

But this time? Nope. I’m feeling super grateful, and incredibly proud of myself.

I stepped out of my comfort zone on more than two occasions, expressed leadership in ways that I didn’t think I could, volunteered my time in service to others – to causes I care about, and missions I believe in, and stuck to my guns when it came to taking action and having experiences. Shit also got hard, and dark, and painful – and every time I managed to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I let my heart lead the dance – creating, and writing more, and reading and contemplating and growing.

And I look forward to some of that and so much more in 2019!

This past year was all about ACTION, and I took a lot of it. And I am both better and worse for it.

I’ve put a lot of thought and reflection into my goals and intentions for 2019 and I know for certain I will achieve them. This year will be more focused, my actions will meet my intentions and I will continue to let my heart lead the dance. I will be spending a lot more time creating, both in the studio and at the computer; and I will take more time for self-care and saying ‘no’ to things that I don’t want in my life, or that no longer serve me.

It almost feels new – looking forward to it, I mean. I’m excited!

So stick around – BIG things are coming! Starting with…

Leah Suzette Creative Studio making a grand debut on Society6!

That’s right! See something you like in my portfolio? You can now purchase art prints, canvas prints, and more – online, right here!

It is part of my mission in life to create aesthetic experiences that bring people together, tell a story and inspire the imagination, and it is through my work as a fine artist and digital designer that I act on that mission.

I’m pretty fired up about what great aesthetics can bring to your daily life, and I am fired up about sharing those little things that I love so much, that make my life better… with you.

Check it out here 🙂

Happy New Year!




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