Holiday Goodies!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the best time of year again! Ahh, my favorite! The holidays are upon us and as you will come to know, it is essentially part of my life goal to be the Hostess with the Mostest! And if ever there was a time for hosting, it would be the holidays!

Holiday cocktails, well-crafted and delicious recipes, personalized gifts wrapped in the perfect paper, stockings hung over the fire, lights, bells, the smell of peppermint…

And what better way to prepare for all of the festivities than with the cutest holiday themed checklists?

Look no further! (well, you do need to scroll down a bit, heh!)

I’m hooking you up, right here, right now with a holiday checklist, holiday shopping list, and Dear Santa template to help you with all of your holiday needs. Sqwee!!

light garland

If you have a lot to do and the list just keeps getting longer – slow down and make a plan. It can be easy to get bogged down when there is a lot to do, and it feels like there isn’t enough time in the day. Making a plan or a checklist can help reduce the stress of the holidays!

Download my holiday checklist to help you get started >> Holidays 2018_Checklist

Are you playing Santa for the kids in your life? Check out this hella cute Dear Santa template you can give to them for their own holiday wants and needs!

Get it here! >> Holidays 2018_Dear Santa

Shopping for a lot of people? I like to keep my shopping list separate from my checklist to make sure I’m getting what I need for everyone coming into town. If you’re like me, and that works for you too, download this template now!

Shop til you drop! >> Holidays 2018_Shopping List

(Add the name of the person you’re shopping for to the top line, jot down what you’re getting them below, check off the gift tag when you’re done! Yas!)

Need more than one? Print as many as you’d like! These are yours to keep. Enjoy ❤

Happy Holidays!



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