Brand Building Basics

Ever wonder how designers and businesses get started on deciding how to create their brand?

I’ll give you a hint: COLOR.

Once you understand your brand’s message and can articulate the value you’re adding via your business, and you’re ready to start marketing, deciding on what colors best reflect the attitude of your brand is a crucial step in creating the brand itself. From the colors to the typography, to the message and imaging, building a brand takes more than just a logo.

Check out the latest article from one of my favorite marketing and branding blogs, Hubspot, to see what they’re saying about great color combinations!

hubspot blog image.png

And speaking of branding colors…

When starting to build my own brand, one of the most important aspects I wanted to focus on was creating a brand that was authentic to who I am, and what I’m about. Why would anyone want their brand to reflect something that’s… well, not them? Especially as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Fortunately, at the time, a colleague of mine had just shared this Naturally Hue color quiz with me. “Ehh, goofy quizzes?” I thought. But I did it, and that ultimately led to how I chose my branding colors and started creating my own branding guideline.

I chose colors that were earthy and rich, that were professional but fun, and that worked well up against one another. Plus – the light teal is literally my favorite color!

My typeface choices reflect a modern design aesthetic with a sans-serif font as my primary; while adding a slightly vintage aesthetic with a serif font as my secondary.  The juxtaposition between modern and vintage is not only current, but a reflection of my personal taste as a designer and artist.

(Actually, the dichotomy between any two extremes – i.e. micro/macro, light/darkness, good/evil – is one of my favorite themes – but I’ll leave that for another discussion)

I also kept it simple. My branding guide isn’t as extensive as some, but it works for me, and it got me where I wanted to go, which was here – ready to share myself, and my skills, and my value with the world.

Want to see it?

Check it out here >> Branding Guide_LSCS

LSCS Logo with hand drawing.png

Having a branding guide is ultimately super helpful in maintaining a “brand standard”. When creating any marketing material for your business, or when building your website, you will always to stay ‘on-brand’, so having a branding guide is incredibly helpful.

I am close to memorizing all of my own hex codes, but that’s not easy for everyone, and having a branding guide to refer back to when you’re adding color, or using your logo, is highly resourceful.

Get these things out of the way in the beginning and you’re bound to set yourself up for success moving forward!

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