Art is a Vehicle for Change

Creating – art, or just about anything else – is the highest form of self expression. That much I know to be true.

But what happens when people start expressing themselves? What kind of magic can be found there?

When we create something – put something out into the world – we’re heard.

You’re heard. I’m heard. And what’s more, we hear.

We find others who, more or less, are just like us, and you form a bond. Whether it be for a moment in time or longer, you form a bond, and often times those bonds throw out roots and take hold in the hearts of others, and eventually you create a community – and communities, well, when organized, they can truly make things happen. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, even millions of people, standing behind a single purpose, for a moment in time, can create a change.

So… what might start out as a work of art could make a statement that resonates across the globe; across time, and space, long enough to create a movement. Long enough to drive a change.

When you’re expressing yourself, or your opinions, (political art, mural work, conceptual art, etc.) you’re starting a larger conversation.

I’ll give you an example:

Image result for obama hope art

Simple. Made for the campaign? Sure. But this work of art spoke a message, it was a symbol, and it effectively gave Obama’s campaign the momentum he needed to win the 2008 Presidential Election.

In fact, this now iconic, graphic style has become more than the 2008 Presidential campaign… it’s an icon of not only HOPE, but equality, and the promise of a better tomorrow, and has since been used time and time again [since] to convey a similar message:

Image result for obama hope art

But this isn’t the first time this has happened. Art has consistently laid an impression in social and political ranks since its inception. I think this is because art is just another language that we need to teach ourselves. Another form of communication that can sometimes pass a message faster, or better, than words alone.

I mean, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Throughout history – from Picasso with cubism, to Dali with surrealism, to Duchamp with Fountain; even to the Spice Girls in the 90s, the inception of Interscope records, and the invention of the Apple PC… art, and artists of all kinds have had massive impacts on our culture.

And like our culture, our art is forever changing. Culture shifts, art reflects the change; new art comes in and creates a ripple, culture changes to reflect the art – and on it goes. Never ending exchanges of ideas.


Creating, is always a process; a journey. And more specifically a journey inward. Much like life! Life, is a potentially finite, ever-changing,  bat shit crazy, mind-boggling, painful yet amazingly wonderful journey, and process. And art is a great way to process that process! #Processception

Life is a process; art is a process that reflects the process of life.

And eventually, after we’ve been around creating things long enough, a cycle is born and we start to see that, in turn, life becomes a reflection of our art.

It’s excellent! I love it, which is why I’m sharing these thoughts with you.

When life becomes a reflection of, or rather, a manifestation of the art we’re creating… the work we’re doing, the dialogue we’re opening up, the thoughts we’re putting out there, the stories we’re telling, the feelings we’re feeling… it becomes a vehicle for change. It is the catalyst. And, it can become the symbol or the icon of a movement, just like the Obama/HOPE poster did.

Which is why we must create.

Art is powerful.

This is powerful stuff we’re working with here – this is a reflection of the human soul.

So you see, WE ARE CAPABLE OF EXTRAORDINARY THINGS! We have the power to get behind the wheel. We are worthy of our dreams!

So follow them.

Love & Light



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