Not All Designers Are Created Equal

I’ve been thinking a lot lately – about lots of things of course, but specifically about who I truly AM as a designer and an artist, and how I can better express that person in my work.

This is a loaded question for someone who loves so many different styles and designs. I pull inspiration from just about anywhere. Up until now, my work has been all over the place! I love to make fine art, digital drawings, swag looking graphics, logos, little bits of home decor, re-purposed items, handmade clothes or jewelry… I just love creating stuff!

Generally, I appreciate most design for what it is, and how it exists. I love the in’s and out’s of creating two-dimensional art and design work, but just as much, I enjoy interior design, fashion design (Yes, Queen!), architecture, motion graphics, even music. Basically, if a creator’s blood, sweat and tears went into – I’m into it.

But there is just something about Art Deco… (it’s only funny if you know how much I talk about Art Deco)

Stylistically, I absolutely adore the vintage/retro, streamlined yet opulent vibe that came out of the 1920’s – perhaps due to the fact that I was bred out of Cincinnati, a yung & hung little city that completely seeps with Art Deco elements and historic architecture.

 art deco cincinnati.jpg
(Cincinnati Museum | Union Terminal; top, and Hilton Netherland Plaza; bottom.)

Just look at that architecture! Are you seeing these furnishings?! I NEED that carpet.

But I’m also a little Boho…

From the macrame wall hangings in my living room, to my little hipster succulent pots… I LOVE Bohemian design. The bright colors, free-spirited prints and flowing fabrics, THE PLANTS… gives me ALL of the comfort feels.

bohemian design(Not my living room but I wish it were.)

When it comes to my work, I tend to think about how it’s going to fit into a larger aesthetic. Whether it’s a piece of wall art, a logo for a new brand identity, or a re-purposed piece of clothing… Who am I reaching? How does it fit into the identity of the user? How does the verse that I’m contributing fit into the entire story?

This is why I like to keep my design aesthetic diverse. There are so many ways to design something – so many elements to consider! And so many ways to play.

On the same point, there is something to be said for every style of art and design. That’s why I love this funny and inspired article about the various types of designers out there…

Check it out here.

I’m definitely an “Ultra Detailed”/”Hipster Hero” combo. My design aesthetic is essentially:

  • Gender fluid
  • All of the neutrals with a POP of sexy color (or a sleek metallic)
  • Detail oriented
  • Words. I just love incorporating a good font face!


Which one are you? What kind of design do you love? Share with me in the comments!


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