Self Expression, Sharing Your Truth & Creating ‘Lemonade’

I want to talk about self expression.

What does that mean for you? If I asked you to express yourself – your truth – what comes to mind?

Hold on to that, but set it aside.

For now, I want you to think about choices, truth and creating something – like really creating something. That’s where we’re going.

Maybe you know this, but you are a direct result of your choices. YOU. In all of your glory. So what kind of choices have you made? I know that’s deep; think about, but we’re not going there today, read on…

What kind of clothes do you choose to wear? What car do you drive? How do you wear your hair? What’s your drink order at Starbucks? (grande iced coffee; just black. TY)

All of these things are pretty conscious decisions – and ultimately, they speak to who you are as a human being – on the outside. Let’s dig deeper…

Not only are we a direct result of our choices, we are a direct result of where we’ve come from and what that means to us – our truth. I’ll explain.

Oftentimes when you’re struggling to figure out who you are, why you do the things you do, or why you react how you do to the world around you, it is wise to look into your past. For instance: I’d like to think that my [now managed] addiction to shopping came out of no where, or that it was simply due to the fact that when it started I was young and experiencing getting that first paycheck. And maybe it was some of that, but when I stop for a second to reflect deeper on my past, and consider how even when I begged my mom to take me to “the cool stores”, she only took me to the “affordable” stores, it makes sense that once I started making money I wanted to unleash my rage on the nearest Forever 21.

Honestly, we could go a lot deeper here. We could talk about the roots of more serious problems like depression and anxiety disorders, or why you seem to mysteriously only attract men like your father – the list goes on – the point remains the same:

Palahniuk fave

Tapping into your past can be triggering. Remembering things you want to forget can take you right back to feelings of pain, loss, or regret. Opening yourself up to your past can be terrifying, but I stand by saying that it is necessary.

I didn’t learn to manage depression by pretending that it wasn’t happening; I learned to manage depression because I looked myself in the face, danced with my demons, and said “Ok, this is my truth, but it doesn’t have to be.”

Having a deeper understanding of your past – a sense of why you are the way you are – gives you a chance to make a choice. I sometimes struggle, to this day, to make the conscious choice of happiness – despite all of my circumstances – I make the choice.

These kinds of choices fall into the realm of personal values. If you value yourself, your family, financial security, creativity, etc. you will make choices that support those beliefs. When you spend some quiet time with yourself – and I mean really listen in – and put a finger on what these values are for you, this my friends, is where you find your truth.

And once you know your truth, by god I implore you to share it ❤

Offer Your Truth

Now, let’s talk about Beyonce (I fucking love Beyonce). I want to talk about her [best] album yet, Lemonade.

In my opinion, Lemonade was an incredible work of art. From the expectation exceeding, bomb-ass beats, to the costuming, and the videography, and the message – I was in tears. (Yes, seriously)

But you see, what Beyonce did wasn’t just make a Grammy winning album – in hindsight – she was expressing her truth. She took the reality of what was going on in her real life (though only speculation at first), and turned it into not only music, but art.

When I get into my studio practice, or when I’m crafting an abstract painting, I’m not just laying paint where I think it looks cool; I’m dealing with something, and I’m pouring that onto the canvas. Most of the time I only have a vague idea of what my painting is going to look like when I’m done. Therein lies the parallel; Life is a process. Creating is a process. 

Art, in all of its forms and concepts, is quite possibly the highest form of self expression. When you create something – really throw yourself into a project – that something is a part of you my friend. A reflection of what’s inside of you – a reflection of your light.

So when I quote St. Ignatius of Loyola, saying, “Go forth and set the world on fire,” I mean spread your light; light the fires of others. Nothing is more inspiring that someone who is showing up to their life, fully, as who they are, without apologizing for the space they take up and the energy they spread.

And what a goal to have, right? This is certainly one of my personal goals, and I invite you to join me.

Dig deep, discover yourself, and share that light with the world. Create something – whether it be a painting, or a new organization with big goals, or a new platform where you share your truth – just do it! If you reach even just one person, that’s all that matters.

How can you share your light this week? What can you create, or what can you start creating? Share with us in the comments.

P.S. If you’re looking to get started with that, share a little happiness with your tribe by downloading any, or all three, of the freebie greeting cards I made just for you! Just print, cut, write and send! You can find those here ❤

That’s all for now.




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